What Happens Once you find a suitable Tenant?

Once we find a suitable tenant you’d like to approve for your property, the next steps include the tenant paying their bond. We handle the entire process, ensuring all expectations and obligations, as outlined by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, are explained and met.


If you have specific requirements for a tenancy agreement, please communicate them during the property management contract arrangement. We prioritize meeting our landlords’ needs.


Before tenants move in, we thoroughly explain rent payment procedures, consequences of late payments, our repairs and maintenance policy, emergency procedures, inspection schedules, cleanliness expectations, and more. We also provide the Pocket Guide for Tenants booklet to elucidate their rights and obligations.


Tenants sign a comprehensive Tenancy Agreement, covering all aspects of the tenancy. We go over the agreement with tenants, ensuring their understanding before signing. Additionally, we provide tenants with an Entry Condition Report, explaining the importance of timely completion. We clarify the purpose of the bond and the requirements for a full refund at the end of the tenancy. The tenancy agreement and ingoing inspection report are shared with the landlord for their records.


Keys and possession of the property are granted only after all necessary forms are signed, bond payments and rent are received, ensuring a smooth transition for both parties.