Property Preparation for Renting

First and foremost, the presentation of your property holds paramount importance. A well-presented property not only garners more interest but also tends to rent out faster, attracting high-quality long-term tenants. Simple steps like applying a fresh coat of paint, maintaining cleanliness, and tending to the garden can significantly enhance its appeal.

Here’s a checklist:

  • Redirect Mail: Ensure all mail is redirected to your new address.
  • Utilities: Notify or cancel all utility accounts except water, rates, and strata, which should be redirected to our agency or your new address.
  • Appliance Manuals: Hand them to your property manager or leave them at the property to reduce maintenance calls.
  • Keys: Ensure all locks have keys, and provide a minimum of two sets.
  • Smoke Alarms and Safety Switches: Ensure compliance with regulations by arranging audits and annual inspections.
  • Landlord Insurance: A Must-Have

Landlord insurance is crucial for protecting yourself against potential risks, as tenant behavior can be unpredictable. Even with good tenants, circumstances can change, leading to issues like rent arrears or property damage. Landlord insurance typically covers lost rent due to tenant default and malicious damage caused by tenants. Consult your insurer for full details and coverage.

Pet Friendly Rentals: A Positive Choice

Allowing pets can broaden your property’s appeal, attracting a larger pool of potential tenants. Pet owners are often long-term tenants, but it’s essential to set clear conditions regarding pets to mitigate any potential wear and tear risks. References from previous agents can help inform your decision.


Furnished VS Unfurnished Rentals

Should I furnish my property or leave it unfurnished?

Deciding whether to furnish your property depends on various factors, including market demand and demographics. Furnished properties generally command higher rent but may take longer to rent out due to fewer prospective tenants. Consider the demand for furnished properties in your area and the potential impact on vacancy periods. We’re here to provide guidance based on your specific circumstances.


Maximising Rental Returns

Investing in professional photos and floor plans can significantly enhance the marketing appeal of your property, attracting higher-quality tenant applications and ultimately maximizing rental returns

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